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The European Center for Digital Action (ECDA) is a training and knowledge center for progressive digital campaigners in Europe. We aim to help progressive parties across Europe upgrade and finetune their digital strategies to help them deliver the victories they need. Our engagements range from digital audits and evaluations to workshops, capacity building, and tech deployment.



ECDA Leaders Fellowship Program 

The program

The ECDA Leaders Fellowship Program is designed for forward-thinking individuals eager to master the art of digital engagement and leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive meaningful change. By joining our program, participants will gain hands-on experience in digital campaigning and fundraising and immerse themselves in the world of political innovation, preparing them to anticipate and shape the future of digital organizing.

Whether you're looking to elevate your organization's digital presence, launch impactful campaigns, or lead successful fundraising efforts, our program offers the tools and community support to achieve your goals and make a lasting difference.

Program structure

The program is focused on:

  1. Setting Up and Managing Data-Driven Campaigns (Digital Organizing): Learn the strategies and tools to create effective, data-driven digital campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive action.

  2. Setting Up and Managing Fundraising: Master the art of digital fundraising, from crafting compelling calls-to-action to utilizing platforms and analytics to maximize donation revenue.

  3. Utilizing Top Political Innovations and Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the latest innovations in digital politics, including social media strategies, mobile campaigning, and digital voter engagement techniques.



The program runs from March - June 2024, ending after the European Parliament Elections.


Who should apply?

The ECDA Leaders Fellowship Program is ideal for individuals working in progressive political parties who are seeking to enhance their digital skills and amplify their impact in the digital organizing landscape.


Participants selected for the fellowship will receive a stipend that is calculated based on a national pay average within their country of residence.

Contact us at with any questions.



ECDA team uses Action Network as the recommended CRM (Database) and Lunda as the recommended Fundraising contribution form. We provide tech support and assistance for these tools. ECDA has special arrangements with the software providers around pricing, and we offer contracting conditions that ensure that the financial cost of using these tools is not an impediment to growth and excellence in using them. 

In case your party already has locked contracts for other digital organizing tools, and that transition to recommended software is impossible, we are still able to assist as long as your current tech stack has the features and capabilities necessary. 

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