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Digital threats, including disinformation, are undermining elections in Europe and beyond. As we approach the critical 2024 EU elections, these threats are escalating. Together with well-respected researchers in the field, ECDA is confronting this challenge head-on, empowering progressive parties to counter disinformation and defend democracy.

In many European countries, far-right parties are either involved in government or rising in the polls. On social media, these actors have long normalized hateful and conspiratorial worldviews, poisoning the hearts and minds of millions of Europeans with simplistic and seductive messaging that denies the scientific facts of climate change and scapegoats vulnerable groups such as refugees, LGBTIQ, or religious minorities for society’s most pressing problems.


The threat of disinformation


The project

Progressive parties will have the tools, knowledge, and resources to understand and navigate this new threat landscape.


With this project, we bridge the gap between experts who monitor and produce reports on disinformation in real time and political parties and civic organizations who are targeted by these efforts to enable them to respond effectively to such campaigns in their countries.


We will train participating organizations' staff and support their internal structures to become knowledgeable about disinformation, receive real-time reports about campaigns in their countries, counter those actions, and stay resilient and agile against disinformation while campaigning for European elections.


Additionally, we want to support organizations involved in the project to establish and maintain pressure on legislators and platforms, ensuring compliance with existing regulations against disinformation.


We offer:


  • In-depth training and support

  • Real-time disinformation reporting

  • Strategies to counteract and stay resilient against disinformation

  • Advocacy for regulatory compliance against disinformation


Who should apply?

Open to political parties and civic organizations that face disinformation and fake news targeting the core of their progressive values.

How to get involved?

For details and demo bookings:


Why get involved?

Tackling the knowledge gap: Progressive organizations, including political and civic groups, often lack the know-how to detect and counter disinformation. Media outlets and journalists also struggle, typically focusing on post-election analysis when the opportunity to effectively counter disinformation has diminished.


Building resilient campaigns: We equip organizations to design campaigns that withstand online extremism and hyper-polarization. We aim to keep progressive voices and positions prominent and unyielded by hate-driven content.


Join us to:

  • Minimize the impact of disinformation in the 2024 European elections.

  • Increase awareness of disinformation risks.

  • Strengthen your ability to protect your values and causes.

  • Benefit from ECDA's extensive experience and expert network.

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