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Welcome to the ECDA

The European Center for Digital Action is dedicated to advancing the digital skills of progressive organizations across Europe.


Our mission is to empower these organizations with the knowledge and expertise they need to excel in the digital realm, from cutting-edge tools and strategies to effective small-donor fundraising programs.

We work with both civil society organizations and progressive political parties, providing tailored training and support to drive impactful change.

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Work with us


We invite organizations and political parties passionate about making a significant impact to join us in the digital organizing revolution!


Whether you're looking to refine your communication strategies, engage more effectively with your community, or leverage digital tools for fundraising and organizing, ECDA is your ideal partner.

About us


Our mission

Our mission is to empower progressive European political and social organizations through cutting-edge digital organizing expertise.


By offering training, advice, and access to the best technological tools, we aim to prepare organizations to have maximum impact on their online and offline activities, promoting direct and two-way communication between these entities and citizens. 


The ECDA is committed to utilizing digital tools responsibly, ensuring they protect our society's integral values - social justice and sustainable development while strengthening our democracies.

ECDA Co-Directors Mar Garcia and Viktor Mak

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