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Co- directors

ECDA Co-Director Mar Garcia

Mar Garcia


Mar has a background in local and European Green politics and she served as the European Green Party Secretary General from November 2014 till June 2022.

ECDA Co-Director Viktor Mak

Viktor Mák

Viktor has his roots in student and grassroots activism in Hungary. He works with organizations to overcome these challenges and uses technology to empower citizens to contribute to social change.

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Meet the ECDA Team

Our staff


Liza Baranyai


Senior Fundraising Consultant

Liza has dedicated over 20 years to providing fundraising and organizational development consultancy support to global, international, and national organizations and movements in Europe and Asia. She works in fundraising and engagement strategy development, organizational development, and growth management.


Soma Fuxreiter



Soma has recently finished his sociology studies in Budapest, focusing on social psychology and narrative making. He thinks we need to tell emotionally resonating stories to earn people’s trust and build a more equal and fair society.

ECDA Operations Manager Vesna Jusup

Vesna Jusup


Director of Operations

Vesna's background is in art history, but the last decades she spent in the field of activism, feminism and capacity building, both for non-profits and political organizations. Vesna's last professional commitments were at CDNEE and as Head of the Policy, Strategy and Capacity Development Unit in the European Green party.

ECDA Communications Manager Emily Pfiester

Emily Pfiester

Communications Manager

Emily has worked in international communications in several sectors. She's enthusiastic about using the power of communication to promote and safeguard essential values such as the protection of human rights and climate change.


Oriol Corbella


Digital Organizer


From Barcelona (Spain), Oriol has been involved in grassroots movements and worked on several political campaigns. He is passionate about how political communications can be boosted online, competing with modern narratives and formats.

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Paulina Gruda


Digital Campaigns Advisor

Paulina is a journalist by education and a digital marketer by profession. After gaining experience in the commercial market, she decided to use her knowledge and skills to work for non-governmental organizations. She specializes in paid advertising campaigns and fundraising activities.  

ECDA Engagement Advisor Kinga Kalocsai

Kinga Kalocsai


Engagement Advisor

Kinga has been working with green and left-wing organizations and movements in Central and Eastern Europe. She is an experienced campaigner and engagement advisor. She has experience working with grassroot movements, NGOs and parties as well.  

ECDA Digital Media Consultant Nilesh Pinto

Nilesh Pinto


Digital Media Consultant

Nilesh has a background in journalism and digital organizing. He helps organizations across Europe build two-way communication channels with their supporters and tell powerful stories that generate meaningful impact.

ECDA Campaign and Movement Advisor Dávid Csepregi

Dávid Csepregi


Campaign and Movement Advisor

vid has a background in left-wing grassroots political activism and believes digital organizing is not only an option for civic movements and political organizations to reach success, but a must.

ECDA Movement Building Expert Gergely Hajdu​

Gergely Hajdu


Movement Building Expert

Based in Berlin and rooted in Hungary, Gergely merges grassroots community engagement with digital strategy, culminating in co-founding aHang, Hungary's leading pressure group. He provides expert guidance to progressive initiatives, leveraging his experience in digital organizing and on-the-ground activism.

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Dominik Kubik

Digital Organizer

Domi has a background in Hungarian progressive civil organizations, backed by a solid foundation in applied economics. He is deeply passionate about the potential of digital organizing and aims to share its transformative power widely.


Ayda Uzel



Ayda has recently graduated with her master's degree in Vienna, where she learned a lot about social and political theories. Now, she is eager to bring theory and practice together to contribute to building a more just and better society, together with progressive movements.

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