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An ECDA Webinar

Wednesday 13th Dec | 15:00 CET

Emotions in politics: mastering effective communication for progressives

The political right has harnessed the power of emotions to drive their messaging and gain supporters. It’s time for progressives to step up their communications game. Join Tibor Dessewffy, Director of the Digital Sociology Research Center, in this hour-long discussion on leveraging emotions to connect, engage, and mobilize in the realm of European progressive politics and movements.

As we approach a big election year for Europe in 2024, effective communication becomes paramount for progressive political and grassroots organizations. Instead of relying solely on facts and logic, there is an opportunity to harvest the emotional element in messaging to resonate with an audience and spark meaningful action.

Join us for this webinar to re-think your approach to political communication and how it can be more impactful for the progressive movement.


Tibor Dessewffy

Tibor Dessewffy

Director of the Digital Sociology Research Center

Dr. Dessewffy founded the ELTE-ITHAKA Information and Network Society Research Center, a pioneering think-tank focusing on the intersections of technology, society, and the Information Age. Additionally, he led the Hungarian segment of the World Internet Project from 2001 to 2009. Since 2014, he has been serving as the Director of the Center for Digital Sociology at ELTE. In addition to his academic endeavors, Dr. Dessewffy has shown a commitment to civic duty. He is a prominent member of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and is a founding member of the Spinelli Group.

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