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Join our launch party!

When: Thursday 22nd Feb | 16:00 CET

Where: Zoom

Celebrate the launch of Digital Progressive, Europe's newest free online magazine by the ECDA dedicated to progressives.

The debut issue focuses on the 2024 European Parliament elections with insightful news, stories, trends, and best practices for progressive organizations and parties.

Join us on Zoom for a toast with ECDA Co-directors Mar Garcia and Viktor Mák, followed by a Q&A with a few of our contributing authors.

Giveaway alert!

Attend for the chance to win one of two exclusive physical copies of our launch issue.


Preview the debut issue:

  • Opening remarks - Mar Garcia (ECDA Co-director)

  • "Why would we be conservative in our tactics?" Inside Spain's successful Sumar campaign - Roos van Hennekler (Journalist)

  • How women and youth led a digital-driven progressive win in Poland - Ewelina Kycia (Democracy activist & Digital organizer, Estratos)

  • Digitally reinvented: How Tanítanék multiplied its impact - Áron Bereczki (Communications Director, Tanítanék)

  • Where will the #Fuckyouvote go in EP 2024? - Paul Hilder (CEO, Datapraxis)

  • Hope for Europe: 30 million progressive citizens ready to take action - Ádám Ficsor (Founder & CEO, Estratos)

  • Essential reads for the progressive digital organizer - Tibor Dessewffy (Director, Digital Sociology Research Centre)

  • Defending progressive actors online: The fight against disinformation - Felix Kartte (EU director, Reset

  • AI in 2024: How the latest tech will be used in political campaigns - Hope Reese (journalist)

  • A perfect match: Populism and deepfakes - Tibor Dessewffy (Director, Digital Sociology Research Centre)

  • Anatomy of a perfect fundraising email - Viktor Mák (Co-director, ECDA)

  • The EU's Digital Services Act: A look under the hood of big tech - Roos van Hennekler (Journalist)

  • The GDPR Advantage - Ari Rabin-Havt (Former Bernie Sanders Deputy Campaign Manager)

  • Making change: How the ECDA fellowship trained the next generation of progressive organizers - Nilesh Pinto (Digital media consultant, ECDA)


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